Belarus is an original and beautiful country with a rich historical past and unique nature. Belarus is situated in the center of Europe and borders on five states: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Belarus is an independent and developed nation with modern industry and agriculture. Belarus is at the crossroads where the most important trans-European railroads and motorways converge, oil and gas pipelines, waterways and air routes connect Europe and Asia.

Belarus is a nation of the educated: more than half of its residents have graduated from higher education institutions. In 2014 the Republic of Belarus became a member of the international organization WorldSkills International, and in 2015 joined the European Higher Education Area. Currently, there are 42 state and 9 private higher education institutions in the Republic of Belarus (33 universities, 10 academies, 8 institutes), and 2 higher religious education institutions. There are 15 educational fields in Belarus. The first cycle of higher education system (Bachelor’s degree) offers 382 specialties and the second one (Master’s degree) provides 331, respectively.