Italy is situated on the West Southern border of Europe; the peninsula, along with its surrounding islands, stretches out southwards almost to the coasts of North Africa, while eastwards it faces the Slav-Balkan territories.

Italy is a unique country, even within itself. Since it wasn`t unified until the mid-19th century, many of the regions have maintained some of their own flair, foods, traditions, and customs. With an extensive rail and bus system as well as numerous airports, you`re only a short trip away from the rest of Europe. Italy has proved timeless in its beauty and has a distinct personality unlike anywhere else in the world. You`re sure to discover something new every day along the ancient, windy streets and in the modern, cosmopolitan cities.

Italy has played an important role in European higher education: it is one of the four countries that first engaged to create the so-called “European Area of Higher Education” (Sorbonne Declaration, May 1998), thus starting that type of higher education reform which, known as “Bologna Process” (Bologna Declaration, June 1999) is being implemented all over Europe.

Studying in Italy may be the perfect place for you to study. Not only is it home to some of the best food and most unique culture in the world, Italy is also very well known for it`s institutes of higher education. Although not all universities offer complete degree programs in English, many offer select courses in English and Italian courses for international students.

Today Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialised countries in the world. Alongside some big companies, both state-owned and private, it has developed a sound network of small and medium-sized undertakings, promoted a few scientific parks, and is incentivising basic and applied research in a great variety of fields (biology, ICT, medicine, physics, etc.).