Lithuania (or Lietuva) is a country in Northern Europe. It is also one of the three Baltic states. The country is located along the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea. Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and the Kaliningrad Oblast border the nation.

Experts in laser technologies, medicine, information and biotechnologies, architects and artists have been promoting Lithuania abroad for quite some time now. Many professionals have accumulated their knowledge in the higher education institutions of our country. Lithuania is a crossroad between Western and Eastern Europe, and despite its complicated history, has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and a robust wish to learn and innovate.

Besides being a welcoming and friendly country, Lithuania has a longstanding academic tradition. Today universities and colleges all across the country offer more than 350 study programs in English language that foreign students are encouraged to attend.

International students of all fields are eligible to apply for Lithuanian state scholarships to fund their studies. In most cases, scholarships cover both: the tuition fees and living costs. The financial regulations depend on the home country of an applicant.