Slovakia is a landlocked, Central European country that is bordered on the north by Poland, on the east by Ukraine, on the south by Hungary, and on the west by Austria and the Czech Republic. Its capital city is Bratislava, which also is its largest city. The official language of the country is Slovak. Slovakia is a member of the European Nation, NATO, United Nations, and other international organizations. It is one of only three formerly communist states that are now a part of the European Union. Slovakia has one of the fastest growth rates in the European Union, and is considered a high income, advanced economy. Since the year 2007, Slovakia has become the largest car producing country per capita, in the world.

Studying in Slovakia offers cultural opportunities that may not be seen in other countries. Still emerging after decades of communist rule, higher education in Slovakia is a study in a society, economics, and an educational system that continues to emerge.

Most Universities in Slovakia are government owned and operated although since 1990 there are more private and religious options. These “Private Spice” forms of higher education remain rare in the country. These are privately financed schools of higher education that are privately operated but approved by the Ministry of Education.